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Super Foods: Fruits and Veggies with Healing



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Spinach is great for bone health, lowers blood pressure and chance of heart disease and stroke. Spinach has an amazing array of nutrients, including high amounts of vitamin K, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, magnesium, and iron. Another healing power prevents heart attacks by keeping artery walls clear of cholesterol buildup.

Serving information: There’s no such thing as too much spinach. It’s available year round and delicious in a number of different ways. A secret trick is putting spinach in your smoothie, it won’t change the taste but will make it infinitely more healthy! Stick to organic spinach, non-organic is prone to pesticides.


Healing powers: Calorie free? Just about! Not to mention loaded with vitamin C, iron,vitamins A and K and antioxidants. The nutrients help with night vision and macular degeneration. They build the immune system and also have the special healing powers to combat cancer.

According to Chinese medicine, watercress is thought to help reduce tumors,and stimulate bile production (improving digestion and settling intestinal gas). It's also a remedy for jaundice, urinary difficulty, sore throat, mumps, and bad breath.

Serving information: Eat it daily! While prevalent more in Spring and Summer, it can be grown year round. Watercress is best raw, consider tossing it on a sandwich or eating it in a salad or include it in your next smoothie to help detox!


Healing powers: Cabbage packs a punch, especially when it comes to vitamins K and C. Just one cup supplies 91 percent of the recommended daily amount for vitamin K, 50 percent of vitamin C, good amounts of fiber, and decent scores of manganese, vitamin B6, folate, and more. What’s better is cabbage is low calorie as well.

Cabbage contains high levels of antioxidant sulforaphanes that detoxify carcinogens in the body. Researchers believe this may contribute to the apparent ability of cruciferous vegetables to reduce the risk of cancer more effectively than any other plant food group. Numerous studies point to a strong association between diets high in cruciferous vegetables and a low incidence of lung, colon, breast, ovarian, and bladder cancers. Cabbage builds strong bones, hinders allergic reactions, reduces inflammation, and promotes gastrointestinal health. Cabbage is routinely juiced as a natural remedy for healing peptic ulcers due to its high glutamine content. It also prevents plaque formation in the blood vessels. According to Chinese medicine, cabbage is used to treat constipation, the common cold, whooping cough, depression and irritability, and stomach ulcers. It is also helpful with varicose veins and bed sores.

Serving information: According to a study, women who ate four or more servings of cabbage a week were 72 percent less likely to develop breast cancer later in life than their peers who consumed only one weekly serving or less. Another tip is to try cabbage in sauerkraut form. It boasts all the healthiness of cabbage with the delightful addition of probiotics, which help digestive health. It has all the health properties of cabbage, plus some potent probiotics, which are excellent for digestive health.

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