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Garlic & Digestive Disorders

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Raw Juice Health Benefits


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2. Healing Digestive Disorders with Garlic
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2. Healing Digestive Disorders with Garlic

Through many generations, garlic has been known as an herbal wonder-drug. It’s been credited in folklore as well as respected medical circles for its protective properties. It’s been said that it is able to count everything from Vampires to the Plague, or in more modern times it is famed for helping assist in managing high cholesterol levels or the symptoms of acne. However, the beneficiary of Garlic’s best healing property may be digestive system.

Garlic serves to benefit the lymphatic system and helps eliminate harmful waste from the body. It stimulates peristaltic action and the secretion of the digestive juices, promoting the process. When consumed fresh and in liquid form, garlic can be taken for the treatment of all types of digestive disorders. Its antiseptic effect is an excellent remedy for inflammations or infections of the stomach and intestine. As such, it can act as an excellent agent for expelling intestinal worms. In cases of diarrhea, it can have a southing effect, bringing intestinal chemistry back to normal levels. garlic

Problems such as colitis, dysentery and many other intestinal upsets can be successfully treated with fresh garlic. A few servings of garlic daily can be sufficient to alleviate diarrhea or dysentery. In more severe instances, a more intensive garlic regimen can be taken. The enzymes within garlic contain the ability to eliminate harmful bacteria in the stomach, without effecting the good bacteria necessary in aiding digestion.

When juicing garlic, you will find that it is capable of stimulating the activity of the digestive organs in many different ways and, as a consequence, relieve a variety of problems associated with poor digestion. As an expectorant, its useful for chronic stomach and intestinal catarrh, as well as for chronic bronchitis. If that isn’t comprehensive enough, garlic is capable of regularizing liver and gallbladder function.

Beware – the smell of garlic is something of a side-effect of regular consumption.