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Eating Organic

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Eating organic fruits and vegetables is a lifestyle that leads to optimal health and a truly radiant life. With grocery stores filled with processed foods lacking enzymes and nutrition, it’s vital to consume these missing nutrients and enzymes from organic fruits and vegetables. How does one eat organic and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Drinking the recommended 5 to 9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables can be easier to consume and digest than eating them. Juicing also has very powerful health benefits from increasing mental clarity to healing ailments such as arthritis, heart disease, chronic headaches, and many more.

A daily regime of fresh juices will keep your health optimal. The question remains, should you buy organic or conventionally grown produce? The chemicals in conventionally produced fruits and vegetables such as synthetic herbicides, pesticides and antibiotics create a toxic build up in the body. These chemicals and hundreds of others have been found in babies who are only nursing on mother’s milk. Organic produce reduces exposure to these harmful chemicals. According to the standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, only natural fertilizers such as compost or manure can be used in the soil of organic foods. To be certified organic, organic farms must rely only on natural pest management and ecological systems without any chemicals or pesticides.

Juice made from organic fruits and vegetables is not only chemical free but also has very powerful health benefits. For starters, the fruits and vegetables provide enzymes, which help to turn food into body tissue and energy and also increase metabolic rate. The body can also absorb more nutrients from juices than from eating fruits and vegetables. Cooking vegetables also loses some of the nutrients so eating produce raw and drinking it is best.

Fresh organic juice can also dispel toxins and rejuvenate cells. The body’s cells are filled with toxins absorbed from pesticides and chemicals from conventional produce, processed foods and the environment. These toxins pollute the cells and decrease their performance. Organic juice can rejuvenate the cells and act as a preventative measure against many diseases.

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